Snuggletime Snuggle Nest Deluxe (Pink)


The 3in1 safe sleeping solution for co-sleeping and back sleeping. The wedge pillow also helps to relieve reflux, nasal congestion, and earache.


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-Enjoy special bonding time with your baby.

-Protects baby from suffocation and overheating.

-Parents Bed - Enjoy all the benefits of co-sleeping and have baby close for those night-time feeds

-Baby's Cot - Creating a closed boundary around baby helping them feel safe and secure

-Travel - Lightweight and compact to create a comfortable sleep space for baby anywhere

-For babies from 0 - 6 months

-Dimensions: 430mm H x 360 W x 180 D

-Weight: 1320g

-Includes: 1 x Snuggle Nest Deluxe: 1 x Mattress, 1 x Wedge Pillow, and 2 x Adjustable Side Wedges


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