RCT MEGAPOWER 54000mAh AC Power Bank

rect_RCT MP-PB54AC

Portable compact AC power supply.

Universal AC output socket to power all electronics up to 200W.

USB type A & type C output to charge multiple phones & tablets.

Perfect for camping & outdoor events.

Ideal for load shedding as it can charge up to 8hrs Wifi Routers/5hrs a 32" TV and 4hrs for a Notebook PC.


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RCT MEGAPower PB54AC AC Power Bank - 53600mAH (160Wh) Lithium Battery, 2 x 230V AC Modified Sinewave Outlet (Max 200W); 2x 2.1A USB Type A and 1 x 3A USB Type C Ports with AC Charger.
rect_RCT MP-PB54AC

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